Alexis Arnold
Executive Director

As you get to know our organization, I think it’s very important that you get to know us, the staff. Myself, Karla and Adair decided to establish The Inside Out Foundation because we consistently saw a drastic need for our products and services in the West Texas area. Many months and long hours of work later, we have a non-profit that we are incredibly proud of. My personal background is in Public Relations and Marketing. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Tech University in Public Relations, and am a Red Raider to my core.

I was motivated to help establish the Inside Out Foundation by my family and friends because I’ve seen several people I love suffer and pass away from disease. My goal was to create a unique place for others’ loved ones to come and feel special during a more than difficult time. I wanted this for those in my life who have struggled, and I want it for your loved ones, as well. This is that place, and I am so proud to be a part of it.




Adair Murillo
Director of Research and Resources

Working in the beauty industry for 30+ years has given me the opportunity to be a part of helping clients with skincare issues such as acne, scarring, discoloration, sensitivities, birthmarks or simply wanting to have the best skin possible for their stage in life. As an esthetician and makeup artist with The Inside Out Foundation, I have the unique opportunity to assist clients who may be going through a rough patch whether it be health related or just needing a second chance. Whether it’s a facial, a makeover, a Du (wig) or perhaps a new outfit for a job interview, I look forward to helping clients get connected with the necessary resources in our area.

This is an exciting time, and the future of our organization is bright. At a time when economic struggles and health issues are at the forefront, helping, giving and doing for others is what gives me great pleasure. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to search your heart and consider being a volunteer. As our organization grows, there will be many opportunities to share your time and talents in a way that will make a difference in someone’s life. You can offer as much or as little time that will work with your schedule. I can tell you personally that once you have volunteered, you will have a renewed outlook and energy for life. For those who have been involved for a time now, God bless you and keep up the good work.



Karla Morgan
Director of Fundraising
and Special Events

Karla has had a passion for the beauty industry all of her adult life, and has been a licensed Esthetician for more than six years. Her specialty and passion is makeup application, facials and air brush tanning. Karla believes in continual education and strives to stay at the forefront of her field with knowledge of new products and services in order to provide excellent service to her clientele. She stays updated on all the latest trends so that she can give clients the look they want. Karla places high value on listening to her clients and understanding their needs. She strives for unlimited creativity! At your scheduled time together, she looks forward to providing you with the best service you will ever experience. In her spare time, she most enjoys spending time with her granddaughter, going on motorcycle rides with her husband, and spending time with family and friends.

Note from Karla: I’ve always enjoyed being an Esthetician and Makeup Artist, and helping others look and feel their best through my services is an awesome feeling. Being a part of The IOF has been so rewarding. I am so thankful to everyone who has been associated with the Foundation! No words can express the way these women’s lives change after receiving our services, and their gratitude for what we do: their smiles, hugs and tears move me. Working with our clients daily is so rewarding! Having the products, services and outreach resources available to our clients has been life-changing for them. I want to Thank Alexis, Adair, our Board Members, Volunteers and supporters! We are doing it; this is happening and it just makes me so happy! Du USA and Janssen Cosmetics have made a wonderful impact! To my wonderful husband, Michael, Thank You! I want to encourage everyone that is interested in The Inside Out Foundation to please contact us.

Our History

About Us

Co-founders and Directors of The Inside Out Foundation (IOF), Adair Murillo and Karla Morgan, have given countless hours of time and endless funds and services to many families going through difficult situations. Both women are certified estheticians and together have more than forty years of professional experience with skin care and make-up techniques. The IOF’s Executive Director and co-founder, Alexis Arnold, has first-hand experience with this knowledge as she has been a long-time client of the two. She grew up with a mother whose life-long passion is non-profit work, so helping others comes as second-nature. Alexis’s Public Relations degree from Texas Tech University along with her professional work experience made for a perfect opportunity to help create the IOF. The three women compose the original heart, mind and soul of the organization. Here’s how it all started:

Our Story

In early 2012, Adair was invited to a Du (wig) party: the Du Company makes high quality synthetic wigs that are stylish, come in many lengths and colors, and are engineered to be cooler than other brands. Since Adair had worn wigs for quite some time for both fashion and convenience, this was a great opportunity for her. Shortly thereafter, Karla persuaded Adair to purchase a retail wig inventory for clients at her boutique and spa. Sharing the business opportunity with Alexis was an organic next step. While the idea was appealing to her, Alexis wanted to specifically work with need-based clients suffering from hair loss. Based on this model, Karla and Alexis networked with a local oncology nurse who runs a cancer support group. Upon presenting the Dus to the patients and their families, something special happened. The response was overwhelming (the crying kind). Simply seeing how they looked with a new, full set of hair touched them, and anyone could clearly see the joy they received from the inside, out. This was a pivotal moment for the IOF as it was a sign to move forward with our non-profit concept.

Something unbelievable happened next: Karla began receiving calls from women who were too ill to leave home for wig fittings. Not to be slowed, Karla simply made house calls. Time and time again, the results would be the same: clients loved the Dus, but did not have the resources to make the purchase. Karla, being the giving person she is, would tell them to keep their favorite Du free of charge. These wonderful clients brought tears to her eyes: how could these women tolerate their many medical procedures sometimes fighting for their lives while enduring the humiliation of losing their hair with no help? Our mission began here as there was clearly a need to assist these brave women.

To begin the legal process, Adair individually met with an attorney to get preliminary information about starting an aesthetic services organization. Sharing this exciting possibility with Alexis and Karla was one of the biggest highlights of the journey…how would YOU react if you found out your dream was within reach?

All three women knew that the next step was to inform the owners of the Du Company, David and Susie Vaters, about the organization concept. It was an emotional evening as Karla told them of all the contacts she made and the wigs she had given away. The Vaters saw the need and instantly wanted to help us in our mission to enrich the community. They would later donate a sizable amount of brand new Dus to the IOF. With this important support behind us, it was time to really get to work.

As estheticians and makeup artists, Adair and Karla immediately knew that in addition to providing wigs, they wanted to offer facials and makeovers for these clients. What better way to enliven a woman than to make her feel more attractive and pampered, especially when times are tough? Alexis suggested that we partner with other non-profits in the area to supply emotional outreach resources, as well. Gradually, our purpose and mission became clear. Naming this foundation, “The Inside Out Foundation,” seemed quite appropriate, and we see the evidence of how meaningful that name is, every day, every client.

To make the idea of referring to local non-profits a reality, Adair made contact with the Lubbock Susan G. Komen and American Cancer Society organizations to determine how we could be most helpful based on their needs. The timing was uncanny with The American Cancer Society as their wig inventory was almost depleted. It was at this point we knew providing wigs to non-profits like the ACS was far more meaningful than retailing them only through the IOF. It became Karla’s assignment to keep those wigs rotated and stocked. She still works closely with the ACS, taking care of weekly referrals and fittings for their clients.

To further our mission of enhancing women’s lives, our next goal was to partner with Janssen Cosmetics, a skin care company based in Aachen, Germany and owned by Walter Janssen and his family. Why Janssen? Because Adair and Karla have used their products for years on their own clients due to their high quality, and nothing less would be good enough for the IOF clients. This may seem like quite an obstacle, but Adair wasn’t going to let a few thousand miles come between her plan and actually getting the support she so hoped for. Through her working relationship with Edmund Beck, the Janssen distributor out of San Antonio, Adair was able to propose a partnership between Janssen and the IOF. Due to his representation of Janssen in seven of the Southwest States of the U.S. and his close ties to the Janssen family, Ed has been able to facilitate this proposed partnership. We are currently fine-tuning the details regarding the level of participation in which Mr. Janssen and his company will be involved. Ed agreed that our approach to helping women is unique: estheticians helping clients with their skin care needs, a cosmetic makeover if desired and a wig if needed is something no one else offers. To make the package complete, we have partnered with a local clothing and shoe store that provide significant discounts for clients needing a new look for a job interview, first day at a new job, etc. We have made all this possible through fundraisers and private donations thus far, but will be ramping up in 2013 as we now qualify for grant funding.

Future Goals

It is our goal to be able to coordinate with more partners and to generate further awareness in the Lubbock and surrounding areas. We also plan to increase the scope of clients so that we can help even more women.

Our Purpose

The nonprofit private Foundation is organized for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the “Code”), and the Texas Tax Code, Section 11.18. In particular the Corporation shall provide support as well as tangible services, products, and education to members of the public, most frequently women, who have suffered or are suffering from physical or emotional losses due to illness or traumatic life events with the goal of achieving for each person served a raised level of emotional health and well being and restoration of self esteem.

Our Mission

To restore our clients’ inner and outer beauty through aesthetic products and healing outreach services.

Our Vision

We have one mission: to revive and enrich every woman who walks through our door; inside and out. We strive to make our clients not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful down to their soul, which is why we provide aesthetic services. Our clients are those who have suffered or are suffering from hair loss, disease, environmentally-caused conditions and survivors of traumatic events. To truly offer a 360 degree approach, we also provide outreach services for emotional healing, regardless of the client’s experience. At The Inside Out Foundation, we endeavor to remind every client that she is a beautiful woman, not a past or present battle. That’s why we do it.