23″ Color Splash Wrap Around Pony Chestnut – LGT GRN


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1 in stock

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The Color Splash Pony by Hairdo is a fun ponytail hair addition that you can wrap around your ponytails to instantly add dipped-dyed pastel ends to your hair. This long and wavy pony includes a lengthy strip of wrap-around hair for a refined look. Our Color Splash Pony hairpiece features a smooth strip of hair that wraps around the holder and fastens it in with a hook-and-loop strip to conceal where the ponytail meets your own hair. Available in many fun colors on blonde and brunette shades. It’s time to elevate your ponytail!

How To Use:

You’ll need a hair tie.

Put hair into ponytail and secure the piece to your ponytail using the 3-pronged comb underneath the hair tie. Wrap the left side of the strip underneath your ponytail, then wrap the right side underneath your ponytail and press the strips onto each other so they securely connect. Wrap the long strip of wrap-around hair around the top of your ponytail and secure with a hairpin.

2.8 oz
Heat Friendly Synthetic
Overall 23″


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